Who We Are

Windy City Kettlebell Club is the kettlebell sport competition team out of Evolution Strength & Conditioning, located at 6122 N. Pulaski in Chicago, IL. We are a group of lifters who compete at local, national, and international events, along with hosting events in Chicago.

What is Kettlebell Sport?

Kettlebell sport, or Girevoy Sport, is a strength endurance approach to lifting kettlebells. Athletes compete in 5-10 minute events with one or two kettlebells ranging in weight from 8 kg to 32 kg each. Lifters perform one of three movements: jerk, snatch, or long cycle (clean and jerk) continuously for the duration of the lift, without setting the bells down. Kettlebell sport athletes train 3-6 days per week and often invest a significant amount of their own money on coaching and competing.

Want to try Kettlebell Sport?

About the Events

Windy City Kettlebell Club hosts three events, annually, in Chicago.

  • Windy City Invitational (April)
  • Chicago Long Cycle Championship (July/August)
  • Windy City Open (December)
Each event is attended by dozens of lifters from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and beyond. Our largest event thus far featured over 50 athletes with 12 flights of 5 lifters each. Events typically start around 1 pm on a Saturday and run until 4-5pm. Each flight of lifting lasts for 5-10 minutes. After all registered lifts are complete, a fun relay event occurs where participants engage in a team-based lift.